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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Diversity & Inclusion journey

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is never done or complete. It's not a sprint but rather a marathon that takes the continuous effort of the management, leaders, teams, and every single employee! We want to develop the unique culture at idealo further and, ultimately, live up to our promise every day: At idealo, we want you to be just as you are!

Walk the talk!

Tolerance, freedom, and the recognition of the diverse realities of life of our employees build the foundation of our togetherness at idealo. That's what our idealo code of conduct says. And to ensure that it is not just written somewhere, but lived, we must walk the talk. Again, and again and more than ever!

Inclusion agreement for people with severe disabilities

In 2019, we launched our first inclusion agreement. We make clear that inclusion is not just an abstract concept but a concrete task we all want to fill with life in our daily work. Our measures aim to improve the environment of employees with disabilities and to promote diversity and equal opportunities within our company. As such the Representative for severely disabled persons at idealo works closely with the Management, the People Team and other functions at idealo and within the Axel Springer Group to create awareness and take concrete measures to make idealo an inclusive workplace.

Communities of Belonging

idealo is about participation, be it for sustainable or social matters: our employees take responsibility and idealo provides the space where these initiatives can grow. And now we are taking this one step further. We encourage and support our colleagues to constitute communities of belonging at idealo and in the Axel Springer Group to exchange within the respective community and to create visibility for certain groups and their topics.

Attract & hire diverse talent

We believe that our workforce must reflect the beautiful diversity of our millions of customers in Europe to create products that matter and add value to our customers. Therefore, we train our Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Leaders to challenge their unconscious biases and to hire for diversity to make their teams stronger not uniform.

Safe Spaces

LGBTQ+ and other marginalized people are repeatedly exposed to verbal and physical attacks in their everyday lives. As part of the Axel Springer Group, we support the "Safe Spaces" initiative to offer people in an emergency an open door to a safe space - and not just when they work for idealo.

Inclusive Language

Language creates reality! That's why we invite our employees to reflect on their language habits, to discuss them in the team and to make sure that people and groups are not only meant, but also named.

"We’ve already implemented various measures over the years to address and improve the lack of representation of women in leadership as well as Tech positions. Being part of the Gender Balanced Leadership Initiative allows us to align and focus our efforts to reach the target we set for ourselves.”

Caroline Erler, Head of People

Caroline Erler, Head of People

Our commitment for a balanced leadership at idealo

42% (in 2021) of idealo's employees are women. If we look only at the management levels, i.e. all idealos with leadership responsibility, the share of women from the team leads up to our top management is 37% (in 2021). This is already significantly higher than the national average of 27% (in 2021). Still, if we want to contribute to diversity and fair representation at idealo and in our society, we cannot be satisfied with the current status. 

Therefore, as part of the Axel Springer Group's Gender Balanced Leadership (GBL) Initiative, we have set ourselves the goal of increasing the proportion of women in leadership at idealo to 44% by 2026. (German press release, Sept 9th, 2021)

Why are we focusing on a goal to increase the proportion of women in leadership?

This target within the framework of the GBL initiative is the first markup for idealo to set and track targets for itself within the framework of D&I measures. We are confident that we can become more diverse and successful with the actions taken and changes at the management levels. Therefore, we currently see the focus on management positions as the most effective lever for more diversity and inclusion across all dimensions.

Diverse Teams in the Tech Department at idealo

We strongly believe that diverse teams lead to better and sustainable business success, develop more innovative spirit, and positively influence the corporate culture. However, women are highly underrepresented in technical positions - and we want to change that! We want to support more women to move into tech careers, bring them into our Tech & Product Teams as well as promote and make them more visible, thus closing the gender gap in tech.

Facts & Figures about diversity & inclusion at idealo



42% vs. 58%

Women vs. men (all employees, July 2021)*

37% vs. 63%

Women vs. men (across all leadership levels, July 2021)*

35.5 years

Average age at idealo

*We’re currently only processing binary genders but we’re working on a solution to represent our employees in our systems and figures as they identify themselves.

Why do we need diverse leaders (not only) in tech companies?

Diversity in leadership means greater depth and breadth of experience and perspective. It helps to uncover new ways of thinking, promotes a growth mindset, and enables a learning organization that is open to testing and new ideas.

However, diverse role models in leadership are still not common in a lot of industries. And without role models, people often don’t consider certain career paths as realistic for them.

Become part of an increasingly diverse community!

We want to move e-commerce in Europe together. This requires a wide variety of perspectives, experiences, personalities, and skills. Check our current vacancies!