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At idealo, we are committed to helping online shoppers find the best deals and make informed purchase decisions. We are continuously expanding our customer base – and that's where you come in: As a marketing professional with expertise in strategies and trends, you will have the opportunity to reach millions of users across Europe and drive positive change in the e-commerce industry. Sounds interesting? Welcome to Marketing!

Who we are 

Our team is the voice of idealo and guides online shoppers looking for the best deals to our price comparison site. It's crucial for us to highlight the advantages of our price comparison to new customers and establish long-term relationships by converting them into loyal customers. For this reason, we have divided ourselves into different specialized areas to make the most of our individual strengths. These areas include Organic Search, Search (keyword "SEO" and "SEA"), CRM, Brand Marketing and the actual Marketing division, where everything comes together. Teams such as Affiliate and App Marketing are also located here.

Our slogan? "Team Spirit, Trend Awareness, and Fun at Work!" 

"idealo has great features. We make sure that our customers not only know about them but also understand how they can benefit from them – to save money and make the right purchase decision."

Andrea Springer-Ferazin Head of Marketing Tech

How Marketing helps idealo to succeed

At idealo Marketing, we focus on clearly communicating our product features. We create customised campaigns for our diverse target groups and establish a strong presence both online and offline – from TV commercials to SEO strategies. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments to quickly adapt our strategy accordingly. What's particularly exciting is that we not only strategically use marketing traffic for ourselves, but also provide it as a product to our partners and the shops that are represented on idealo. This makes marketing a central pillar of our organisation.

Working at Marketing means smart strategies, variety and lots of fun.

"I am grateful for our great culture at idealo and the opportunity to progress my professional development and collaborate daily with so many talented and capable colleagues." 

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