Senior Software Engineer Payments (m|f|x)


Our checkout provides additional convenience for customers shopping with idealo. We as the payment team own the systems that integrate external payment service providers in order to provide our customers with a simple, uniform and problem-free payment experience. Our systems process payments for hundreds of millions of revenue per year

My day at work

  • 09:03 I arrive at the office, at the coffee machine one colleague tells my latest pull request has been reviewed and it is merged. Customers will now be able to pay more often using invoice. Today is planning time until then I have slack. I’ll have a look at how we can better learn about our Openshift deployment. We talked about that in our retrospective yesterday and I took over responsibility.
  • 09:59 I’m curious which topics will go into the next iteration. Having provided feedback to my peers and my PO I guess we can have a good arrangement in priorities.
  • 11:04 Oh gosh, the next two weeks will be fun. Finally, we start on credit card implementation. One thing I have done before. Our customers will love it! They told us they want it
  • 11:05 I grab the first task. API definition. In swagger. Easy. But necessary to start working as independently as possible.
  • 12:03 Hmm, I’m late for lunch. My latest feature merged this morning introduced a bug which is why I was distracted. My colleague joined for fixing it. We found it pretty fast and added a missing test.
  • 13:56 My part on the API task is done. I’ll have another coffee about that risk service or maybe Apple Pay:-).
  • 14:59 I led a meeting with all teams involved in a credit card. The picture is even clearer now. Our PO joined the meeting. This will probably contribute to our next iteration. Now I’ll do another task for the next story.
  • 15:12 Ah, that Spring Boot magic. I did not expect the component scan to even work like that but you live and you learn.
  • 17:39 That’s it for today. Flow. Tomorrow for the daily stand up I bring along that bug fix and maybe I’ll finish my current task. And I’ll leave earlier tomorrow for picking up my son from school.


Skills & Requirements

  • You want to work in a team. You are open-minded and techniques such as Pair Programming and Test Driven Development are the daily business for you
  • You can safely handle Spring Boot Applications written in Java and preferably had contact to a certain extent with UIs developed in React
  • You enjoy the evolution of microservices with means like OpenAPI and Kafka
  • You are confident enough you’re writing quality code so that you can handle DevOps tasks
  • You know the special qualities needed for handling personal data or flows of money

Your benefit at idealo

  • Training opportunities for your individual management or specialist career
  • The provision of all necessary equipment that you need to deliver top performances
  • Employees are self-reliant and free to schedule their own workday
  • Onboarding program including Welcome Day, Training and individual incorporation
  • The chance to work together on our goals, while also working to create something new
  • 800 motivated colleagues and a cool office loft in the trendy district of Kreuzberg

About idealo

idealo is a Berlin success story: in 2000 we started out with the mission of helping consumers make the best purchasing decisions. Right in the heart of Berlin, over 800 employees from 40 nations are working on the future of online shopping. We focussing on agile and self-reliant work, sustainability and a healthy relationship between work and private life. These values are firmly anchored in our corporate culture and an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

As part of our team, you can look forward to freedom, an international and inspiring working environment. Your ideas are particularly important to us. Not only our product portfolio is diverse, but also the people who work on it. We want you just as you are! Origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or a severely handicapped degree do not play a role.